COVID, The Met, and How Does Opera Go Forward in 2022?

While I wrote a couple weeks ago about choruses singing and rehearsing with and without masks, and one case of the dire consequences of the latter, the largest performing organization in the United States, the Metropolitan Opera in New York, managed to pull off 196 performances in its 2021-2 season without cancelling any. The company’s […]

For Singers, COVID is Nowhere Near Over

Things seemed to be coming back to pre-pandemic norms for singers, but here in the Boston area, this month has been disheartening. Unmasked singing:  Recently there was a nightmare outbreak of COVID among members of the Tanglewood Festival Chorus, the resident chorus of the Boston Symphony Orchestra.  Over 30 people in the chorus and orchestra […]

Breathing for Singing and Speaking (McClosky Technique)

Why breathe in the McClosky way? As a singer and voice teacher, I think breath is the most important thing to learn and teach.  When the breath is working well, many other things work well without much additional attention. This way of breathing goes back several centuries as “appoggio” breathing.  I hesitate to use this […]

Pomfret’s extra neck relaxation exercise for McClosky #6

Why do Pomfret’s Extra Neck exercise Many of us spend hours each day looking at computer screens, mobile phones,  or tablets daily. With the head forward, additional strain is put on the muscles of the upper back and shoulders.  When we attempt to relax in McClosky’s sixth area of relaxation, it is difficult. This exercise […]

“Minstrel Man” from Three Dream Portraits by Margaret Bonds

In honor of Black History Month, I am sharing a song by Margaret Bonds from my CD of songs composed by American Women.  The Album is entitled De Toda La Eternidad and is available on Amazon, Amazon Music, Apple Music and Spotify.

Who is that woman with Freddie Mercury and why study classical if I want to sing pop?

To learn the basics of breathing and tone production To learn about your own voice: what type and range To learn about the different vocal registers To learn how to warm up your voice To learn ways to deal with vocal challenges in a song To increase your vocal stamina in performance To learn how […]