Pre-recorded vocalises available for COVID-19 teaching

Dear Readers, I am delighted to say that my vocal exercise MP3’s will soon be available for sale and download on my website! Why pre-recorded vocalises? More effective practice.  In the past I often assigned a certain exercise in a lesson, only to find the next week that the student had done something different, or […]

The Concert Hall of One… or, Why do I sound different on a recording?

“The Concert Hall of One” was David Blair McClosky’s term for the way we hear ourselves when speaking or singing.  The rest of the world hears us differently.  Why is this so? The sound of your voice reaches your inner ear in two ways.  Sound conducted by air enters the auditory canal of the ear and […]

Carlos Kleiber, conductor

I had always heard the highest praise for Carlos Kleiber during the years I was in Germany, and I own his wonderful recording of Weber’s Der Freischuetz, but I wanted to know more about him. Recently I watched Trace to Nowhere, a documentary film in German about the conductor Carlos Kleiber. Then I found Carlos Kleiber […]

The Singer’s Breath

The Singer’s Breath Control of the breath is the foundation of all good singing.  Often, careful attention to breath solves other issues. In this post I hope to provide some tips for the singer’s breath. Exercises to help keep the ribcage elevated If you have trouble maintaining the slightly elevated ribcage, you are not alone!  Because […]

Take 4 -Putting it All Together for the Noble Posture

For many students, finding the noble posture is elusive.  We are so accustomed to our habitual posture, that it is difficult to maintain any variation upon it for more than a few minutes.  Here are three ways to find the proper alignment, while standing, lying down, or sitting.   “The Wall “– standing..  Stand leaning […]