Now that we are singing together again, it’s time to get back in (singing) shape!

  Get Back in (Singing) Shape:   A Post-Pandemic Workshop for Choral Singers with Bonnie Pomfret, soprano and master teacher Even if your choir had virtual rehearsals, sitting in front of a screen and singing to it are nothing like singing in an acoustical space with other singers!  As we begin at last to make music […]

Learning to Practice (Singing)

Learning to Practice (Singing) [This was written by a student of mine.  He has come a long way in his singing, but also in his thinking about singing, which he shares here.]            To begin, I should explain that I’ve been studying voice for many years.  With different teachers, in different schools; […]

A Delicate Subject

A Delicate Subject             This post is about professional ethics for voice teachers. It may be surprising, but in my three degrees in voice very little time was devoted to the subject of professional ethics.  I remember a single class (doctoral-level voice pedagogy) where the topic of touching a student during the lesson was discussed.  […]

Singing Evaluation – FREE in December 2020

Holiday Offer to Singers! FREE in December!  Singing voice evaluation , usually $100 – Get a little more feedback before your next audition… —Tone Production —Repertoire —Diction —Total performance   Send links or recordings of two contrasting selections to   Classical soprano, I have sung domestically and internationally and taught all levels. My former […]

Singers, are you getting what you need?

What constitutes comprehensive singer training in the time of COVID?   Here’s a checklist: Voice technique, including Breathing Production of sound Resonance and tone color Vocal exercises chosen for your vocal development Vocal exercises for special vocal techniques that your repertoire demands Repertoire chosen for your voice and level Recital Oratorio and Symphonic Opera Diction and […]

Singer’s Guide to Pandemic Fatigue

What a singer can do about pandemic fatigue             We have all been in this pandemic for a lot longer than we ever dreamt.  Singers are prevented from doing what we do except in the most limited ways.  We are all earning less.  It is likely to continue for a number of months at least.  […]