McClosky Relaxation Exercise #3 – Under the Chin

Hi everyone!  I decided it was important to write about these exercises as well as demonstrate them.  For each of the 6 exercises, there is a post which contains:

            a short video demonstration; some reasons why I (as a McClosky Voice Technician and Master Teacher, and  a soprano) think this exercise is important; and  tips how to do the exercise.  

Why do an exercise to relax muscles under the chin?

With this exercise we are loosening and relaxing the suspensory muscles at the base of the tongue.  These muscles function in swallowing, and the hyoid bone hangs below them.

Tension in this area can inhibit flexibility of tone, and make it difficult to deliver fast text.  Tension in this area can cause the larynx to rise while singing.

Tips to do this exercise well:

Do exercise number 2 first and try to retain the loose feeling of the tongue as you proceed to exercise number three.

Allow the teeth to part. Let the jaw relax.

Be sure that you bring the hands up under the chin; do not stretch the chin forward in order to “make space” to massage.  If anything, allow the head to fall forward slightly; this action may cause you to feel some release under the tongue.

Take note: does this area get hard and stiff when you take your breath to sing?  It need not.  Allow your inhalation to pass over the tongue, no movement is needed.    Practice breathing while massaghing.

Does this area get hard or stiff as you initiate the tone?  It need not.  More about this after we have covered all the exercises.

Watch for my next post!

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