Pomfret’s extra neck relaxation exercise for McClosky #6

Why do Pomfret’s Extra Neck exercise

Many of us spend hours each day looking at computer screens, mobile phones,  or tablets daily. With the head forward, additional strain is put on the muscles of the upper back and shoulders.  When we attempt to relax in McClosky’s sixth area of relaxation, it is difficult. This exercise helps to release the strained muscles in a tense-and-release sequence.  After performing this exercise, certain neck movements, like looking to the sides or tilting the head, will be easier.  Freedom in this area will also help free the muscles elsewhere in the neck and throat.

Tips to do this exercise well:

Sit upright in a chair.  It may help you to tune in to this area by closing your eyes.

Lift the shoulder until you feel some squeeze; you do not have to use maximum strength.  Hold for a few seconds.  Then immediately release and tilt the head in the opposite direction.  Allow the muscles to stretch.  This may take 8 or 10 seconds;  do not force!

Repeat on the second side.

Test to see if you can rotate the head to the side (look left, look right) further than before.

Test to see if you can tilt the head to each side more easily than before.

The best tip for success in this exercise is to begin to think about and change your “head forward” position!

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