Singers, are you getting what you need?

What constitutes comprehensive singer training in the time of COVID?   Here’s a checklist:

  • Voice technique, including
    • Breathing
    • Production of sound
    • Resonance and tone color
    • Vocal exercises chosen for your vocal development
    • Vocal exercises for special vocal techniques that your repertoire demands
  • Repertoire chosen for your voice and level
    • Recital
    • Oratorio and Symphonic
    • Opera
  • Diction and language coaching using IPA
    • English
    • French
    • German
    • Italian
    • Latin
  • Musical style
    • Phrasing, line, staccato, marcato
    • Special vocal styles such as coloratura, appoggiatura, trill, and portamento
    • Style in different historical periods, e.g. ornamentation
  • Accompaniments for the lesson and for practice
  • Accompaniments for auditions/recitals


In addition, if you are enrolled in a music program at college or conservatory

  • Safe practice space
  • Safe space for you to have a voice lesson, virtually or in person
  • Pianist to work with virtually or in person
  • Career path advice, current trends


If you are not able to check off all the appropriate boxes, you need to consider how you will acquire these skills.  See my next post for ideas!

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