Singer’s Guide to Pandemic Fatigue

What a singer can do about pandemic fatigue

            We have all been in this pandemic for a lot longer than we ever dreamt.  Singers are prevented from doing what we do except in the most limited ways.  We are all earning less.  It is likely to continue for a number of months at least.  Here are some ideas for coping!  They are all things that we should do anyway, but often don’t have the time.  Now, we have the time.

For your body:

Take the pandemic as a chance to become more physically fit.  Look at your fitness routine.  Is it nonexistent?  Time to start!  Commit to a daily 30-minute walk. No earbuds! Be in the here and now.

Do you do only one type of exercise?   Find a way to cross-train. To be really fit, we need three types of fitness:  cardio, strength, and flexibility.  Buy a DVD or join an online fitness program.

Cardio:  running, walking, biking, aerobics, Zumba

Strength:  weight machines, free weights, isometrics, Pilates

Flexibility:  yoga, stretch routines

For your voice:

Take the time to do a technique review.  Find some old vocalises or easy repertoire and thoroughly review them, with meticulous attention to technique.

If there is some area of technique that holds you back (like agility or singing softly) try a new take on technique such as the McClosky technique, which helps you to use only the muscles you really need to sing.

For your (musical) mind:

Choose a new area of repertoire and work on it,  just for the sake of trying it!    This could be the work of a certain composer, settings of a certain poet, repertoire in a certain language, repertoire of one of your favorite singers, or settings of lesser-known composers or poets.

Or, take a course of some type related to singing:  a language, music history or theory.

For your (musical) soul:
Listen.  Find some online music performances  or recordings from the library that really please you!



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