Private Lessons + Voice Re-Training

Private lessons

Bonnie teaching female student in home studioBonnie Pomfret gives lessons at her private voice studio in Wayland, MA and online. From beginner to young professional, she offers her expertise in all areas of singing from basic breathing and tone production to style and diction in a wide repertoire. Pomfret is fluent in German, speaks Italian, and is competent in French and Spanish. As a well-trained pianist, she can play for you, or you may bring an accompanist. Pomfret also coaches singers preparing for auditions, recitals, competitions, etc.. For beginners or students below 14 years of age, Bonnie recommends voice and piano lessons, and teaches both at her beautiful Steinway B piano, built in 1889 and rebuilt in 1997. Jacob Presayzen is my piano technician, here is his website.

Dr. Pomfret will consult with you online.

Bonnie teaching student remotely from her studio