Bonnie teaching student remotely from her studio Singing is one of the most complex human activities, requiring physical control, mental focus, and artistic inspiration. To teach singing, one must have a thorough understanding, based on experience, and an ample supply of empathy.

Good voice technique forms the foundation; even the most naturally talented singers need to have a basic understanding of how the voice works. Two teachers have highly influenced my vocal technique: David Blair McClosky and Virginia Zeani. The methods of these two teachers give me the tools to work with voice students at all levels of development, from the beginner to the finished and polished singer.

group of people in suits and ballgowns singing opera on stage

Like F.M. Alexander, McClosky was motivated by a personal crisis and was interested in understanding the underlying causes of vocal problems and how the body should function optimally. McClosky eschewed all imagery and founded an approach based on physiology, using physical exercises to release tensions in the face and throat and appoggio breathing. He found that the techniques he developed helped every voice (even if uninjured) to function more efficiently and easily. Through his clear explanation of phonation (the production of sound), I was able to practice more effectively and solve my own problems in the practice room.

Ms. Zeani has an unfailing ear and a wonderful sensibility to sound, tone, and phrasing. She is a proponent of the Italian school and teaches a chiaroscuro (bright-dark) sound. I am grateful to her for adding the finish and polish to my own sound; I use many of her cues in my own teaching.

Bonnie teaching female student in home studioAs to repertoire, I am comfortable teaching all the classical repertoire, including opera, oratorio, and art-song, and most of the Broadway repertoire. As to foreign languages, I am fluent in German and competent in French, Italian, Latin, and Spanish.

Bonnie’s high school students have been accepted as music majors at:

Boston Conservatory

Boston University

Catholic University

The Hartt School

Manhattan School of Music

Mannes School of Music

University of Michigan

Westminster Choir College

Bonnie’s college level students have gone on to graduate programs in voice at:

Arizona State University

Binghamton University

Hartt School (University of Hartford)

Indiana University

Manhattan School of Music

New England Conservatory

Southern Methodist University

University of Illinois

Bonnie’s students have performed with:

AIMS in Graz

Arizona Opera

Atlanta Opera Chorus

Atlanta Symphony Chorus

Boston Lyric Opera

Brevard Music Center

Capitol City Opera

Indianapolis Opera

IAPI in Germany

Opera Carolina

Opera Illinois

Opera Theater of St. Louis

Providence Singers

San Diego Opera

Tri-Cities Opera

Univ. of Miami-Salzburg

Bonnie holding red belt in home studio