Why Study Old Italian Arias?

For those studying singing at the beginner and intermediate levels, studying old (17th and 18th century) Italian arias seems to be a nearly universal recommendation.   Why is this so? What are the magical properties of this repertoire? What are these arias?  Where are they from? These “Old Italian” arias are from operas of the 17th […]

Learning to Practice (Singing)

Learning to Practice (Singing) [This was written by a student of mine.  He has come a long way in his singing, but also in his thinking about singing, which he shares here.]            To begin, I should explain that I’ve been studying voice for many years.  With different teachers, in different schools; […]

A Delicate Subject

A Delicate Subject             This post is about professional ethics for voice teachers. It may be surprising, but in my three degrees in voice very little time was devoted to the subject of professional ethics.  I remember a single class (doctoral-level voice pedagogy) where the topic of touching a student during the lesson was discussed.  […]

Singers, are you getting what you need?

What constitutes comprehensive singer training in the time of COVID?   Here’s a checklist: Voice technique, including Breathing Production of sound Resonance and tone color Vocal exercises chosen for your vocal development Vocal exercises for special vocal techniques that your repertoire demands Repertoire chosen for your voice and level Recital Oratorio and Symphonic Opera Diction and […]

Pre-recorded vocalises available for COVID-19 teaching

Dear Readers, I am delighted to say that my vocal exercise MP3’s will soon be available for sale and download on my website! Why pre-recorded vocalises? More effective practice.  In the past I often assigned a certain exercise in a lesson, only to find the next week that the student had done something different, or […]