Julianne Fournier, soprano:

Dr. Pomfret is a gifted musician and teacher. She is passionate about music and her love for the art is evident in her holistic, healthy and energetic teaching techniques. I am so grateful and fortunate to have had the opportunity to study with a musician/teacher of her caliber for 8 years. She prepared me for my college auditions and helped me successfully apply to music school. At every audition I was complimented on my professionalism and vocal technique and that is because of the instruction, attention to detail and example from Dr. Pomfret. I am now an upcoming junior at Westminster Choir College in Princeton, New Jersey, where I am studying to be a music teacher. Thank you Dr. Pomfret!

Erica Brookhyser, mezzo=soprano:

I was looking for a voice teacher at a time in my professional career when I waned to understand my maturing voice.  Bonnie’s attention to anatomy, her well-designed warm-ups, and her exceptional musicianship all impressed me in my first lessons.  After a few months in her studio, my voice started to gain the range, ease, and clarity I had ben struggling to find on my own.  I have found Bonnie to be an extremely supportive teacher who offers sound career advice and steadfast encouragement in equal measure.

Voice Habilitation and Retraining

Dr. Pomfret is a Certified McClosky Voice Technician (CMVT) and Master Teacher, and has experience retraining damaged voices.  She has served as a Singing Voice Specialist at the Emory Voice Center in Atlanta, GA, and Peoria ENT Group in Peoria, IL, working with patients suffering from a variety of voice problems including nodules, polyps, hemorrhage, reflux, and muscle tension dysphonia.To find out if your problem can be helped by using the McClosky technique, please contact Bonnie.

For a Link to the McClosky Institute of Voice, <click here to go to www.mcclosky.org>.