McClosky Relaxation Exercise #3 – Under the Chin

Hi everyone!  I decided it was important to write about these exercises as well as demonstrate them.  For each of the 6 exercises, there is a post which contains:             a short video demonstration; some reasons why I (as a McClosky Voice Technician and Master Teacher, and  a soprano) think this exercise is important; and  tips […]

McClosky Relaxation Exercise #1

These days I hear and see a lot of forced singing in many genres.  Perhaps it is a reflection of the stress in our time, but it’s not good for the voice and it’s not producing a great sound. I am presenting a series of videos and explanations of the McClosky Relaxation Exercises.  These exercises […]

Pre-recorded vocalises available for COVID-19 teaching

Dear Readers, I am delighted to say that my vocal exercise MP3’s will soon be available for sale and download on my website! Why pre-recorded vocalises? More effective practice.  In the past I often assigned a certain exercise in a lesson, only to find the next week that the student had done something different, or […]